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I cannot thank you enough Kohei! You have given a healthy quality of life back to my daughter. She must have had her first full night’s sleep last night without scratching since this all started a few short months ago. It just goes to highlight how much everyone needs to know about Naturopaths and the wonderful work that you do!
M.O. , (mother of an eczema patient)
Kohei is very professional and at the same time achieves a very personalised engagement and treatment model, helping you to achieve your goals towards a healthier life, realistically, step by step.
M. M.
I had Chronic Urticaria and was on two sorts of antihistamine and a steroid. Kohei listened and prescribed me a number of supplements, dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes and have managed to stop the steroids and 1 antihistamine with the Urticaria completely gone. Kohei is a professional who knows what he is talking about especially when it comes to Allergies. I would definitely recommend Kohei to anyone that has ongoing problems with allergies. He looks to fix the underlying reason for the issues not just address the system.
Kohei is knowledgeable and very professional. He explained my hemaview results to me in a way I could easily understand and suggested appropriate remedies from what he could observe. He took his time to make sure I knew what he was explaining which I greatly appreciated. I would totally recommend seeing Kohei. Awesome service thank you 🙂
S. M.
My family and I visited Kohei about 6 months ago when we realized our overall health wasn’t improving even when we thought our regular diet was very close to perfection. We visited our GP multiple times, talk to friends and work colleagues but we couldn’t find a straight answer or the right advice to resolve simple problems that many young families suffer these days; lack of sleep, feeling tired all day, no energy to play with our son, getting sick more often than normal, etc. My wife met Kohei and had a number of tests done which showed the food items and environmental substances that were affecting her health on a daily basis. I followed the same approach to “give it a try” and Kohei professionalism astounded me right from the first visit. His knowledge in this field was amazing as well as the way he looked after me and my family. You don’t feel like another number. He really gets into your daily routine, your worries, your fears and understand what you have gone through in your life and how you have ended up where you are right now. I followed every dietary advice, lifestyle recommendation, as well as supplements and herbal medicine he had provided me. It has been 6 months since my first visit and I can assure you I feel better than ever. Those small changes, combined with self-commitment to get better, helped me and my family to feel great again.
J.L., (husband and a father)
Kohei Iguchi is my personal choice for natural medicine and has provided me with professional, caring and accurate recommendations for my health goals using Hemaview. The supportive nature of his report and genuine desire to educate me on his role in my health and my goals is a rare quality that makes him a true asset to his profession.
This is why as a current Chiropractic Intern at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic I had no hesitation referring patients that required his help. Interestingly with one such patient I felt that there was something missing that was holding her back from her personal goals to attain wellness care. Under my care with Chiropractic treatment I saw a massive transformation. However I noticed that there was some residual muscle tone that was still hindering her function. I referred her to Kohei Iguchi and when she returned to the Chiropractic Center after following Kohei’s recommendations I was amazed to see further transformation in her wellbeing and changes to the structure and function of her spine and nervous system. Kohei would be a valuable asset to any multi-disciplinary practice and as long as I am in Auckland I will utilize his expertise.
J. N. , (NZCC Senior Intern)
I had been struggling to breathe for two years when I met Kohei. He was gentle and non-judgmental, listening to my journey and what I’d tried so far (lots!). We discussed options and immediately put a plan in place. I’ve enjoyed learning more about how/when my body reacts and what it needs, and have responded really well to his suggestions. If you’re looking for someone you can instantly trust, who will explain things you’re trying to understand, and who will be gentle with you on your journey towards better health, then contact Kohei today.
S. S. , (a patient with respiratory and immune problems)
Kohei helped with overcoming my Adrenal fatigue which I suffered since February this year.
He gave me professional analysis and recommended remedies to support my symptom.
I am recovering nicely after taking monthly consultation with Kohei.
M.O., (a patient with adrenal stress)
Very good mannerism. Asked a good amount of questions and listened. Never opinionated and always approachable therefore more likely to get the right answers to the questions. Felt like we were working together and had the same goal. No pressure to get the job done but always encouraging to work toward the final result. Cured!! Well done.
A.D., (a patient with sinus congestion)
I have struggled with several health issues, some of which causes anxiety due to pain, and the quick 15 minute consultation at the GP is very frustrating, and extra time is very expensive. Kohei has been wonderful; kind, considerate, empathetic and due to his background in psychology, clued in on both the emotional and physical aspects of your diagnosis. This has helped tremendously in my recovery. He takes his time, is very thorough in taking the case history and in diagnosis and treatment plan. I am very grateful to have found him.
S.R., (a patient with chronic fatigue, migraines and fibromyalgia)

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