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 Featured service: Eczema Treatments

Eczema, is your body’s way of communicating to you that your body is out of balance. It is signalling to you that you need to pay attention to what is going on inside.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical drugs, such as steroid creams and anti-inflammatories, are designed to silence this signal, so that you can go about your day. But this of course does not deal with the real problem, and hence why the eczema often comes back with a vengeance once you stop the medications.

This is why it is so important to find out root cause, and that is what I specialise in. Through my own experience with eczema, and treating hundreds of eczema patients over the years, I have come to realise that every case is unique to the individual. Every patient has different set of causes and triggers, and must be treated accordingly.

Wellness from within

Are you feeling frustrated with your current health problems? I can help.
To every problem, there is a solution, and your health is no exception.
Illnesses often arise when your body’s ability to heal itself becomes compromised, and I
believe we possess the power of healing within each and every one of us.

I aim to enhance your natural ability to heal by taking great care in
listening, understanding, and finding the best possible solution in order for you to achieve optimal health.

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Conditions I can help with:

  • Skin
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Immune system
  • Digestive Health
  • Stress and Fatigue
  • Children’s health
  • Hormonal

A little bit about me

I am a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and a Dark-field Microscopist (Advanced Hemaview Practitioner), and I have been in practice for a number of years after graduating from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

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