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What is Hemaview?

Hemaview™, is a form of live blood screening based on the science of haematology, whereby a small sample of blood is taken from your finger and observed under a specialized microscope.

Live blood observation enables us to see your blood exactly as it behaves inside your body, giving a clear picture of your health at a cellular level. These live images of your blood is projected onto a monitor so that you can also see what your blood looks like.

The results from your Hemaview screening are used as a part of an assessment of your overall health and to help uncover the underlying factors that might be contributing to your health issues.

What can I see?

The assessment of your live blood may help to indicate health problems such as:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Gut stress
  • Low Immune function
  • Oxidation / free radical damage of your cells
  • Signs of the presence of infections
  • Allergies
  • Blood fat levels
  • Liver stress / toxicity
  • Dehydration

What are the benefits of Hemaview?

  • A simple and fast procedure that will effectively indicate what is happening inside your body at a cellular level.
  • Hemaview helps to identify risk factors for certain health conditions and formulate key treatment strategies to prevent its progression.
  • An individualized and comprehensive report is created to provide valuable information for you and your practitioner.
  • Your results are immediate and easy to understand. No waiting for results full of numbers and medical jargon.
  • It allows you to keep a track record of how you progress throughout the time of your treatment.
  • It is motivating and empowering to observe your blood and understand how your body is functioning.

What can I expect?

  • The procedure is very simple and takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • The sampling process involves a finger prick using a lancet to draw several droplets of blood.
  • If required, a blood type testing may be performed (free of charge).
  • The sample is then put under a microscope and the live images are projected onto a monitor instantly.
  • Step by step, you will be explained what these images are and what it could indicate.
  • You will receive a full Hemaview report, including all the images and the findings.



* A patient’s blood, as seen through Hemaview, after following protocol recommendations.

Please note that Hemaview is not a diagnostic tool to identify any diseases, illnesses or conditions. It is used as a screening tool to analyse how your body is functioning in that present moment, and treatment plans are formulated using the Hemaview test results combined with the information collected from a full naturopathic consultation.

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