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While it is important to utilise therapeutic-grade supplements and herbal medicine in order to correct your health conditions, dietary and lifestyle changes also play a vital role in restoring your optimal health.

For example, you may have your car fully serviced with an engine flush, oil change or wheel alignment. However, if you continue to put the wrong fuel in your car, or drive recklessly, your car is sure to break down in the near future. Your body is the same.

If you continue with a diet full of processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle full of stress and cigarettes, it can significantly hinder the treatment process and outcome. A healthy diet and lifestyle must be incorporated during a naturopathic treatment to support the healing of your body.

However, it is also essential to provide recommendations that are both practical and achievable. This is why a full naturopathic consultation is necessary to create an individualised dietary and lifestyle plan that meets your expectation, goals and needs. It is this holistic and personalized approach to health that empowers you to gain optimal and long-lasting vitality and wellbeing.

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