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Traditional herbal medicine has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, and is now subject to growing interest by the current medical community. Scientific studies are being conducted all over the world for its effectiveness against various health conditions, using both Western and Eastern medicinal herbs.

Herbal medicine is made using certain herbs containing medicinal properties. Dried herbs may be used as capsules and tablets, or the beneficial properties may be extracted from either a whole plant or parts of a plant (e.g. flower, roots, leaves). Due to minimal processing, herbal medicine is known to have low risks of side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs. One of the other advantages of using herbal medicine is that the practitioner is able to combine specific herbs and create a remedy that is individualised to your needs.

You can be assured that the herbal medicine you receive is of high quality, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved herbs from sustainable sources. In fact, the herbs are cultivated at certain times of the day and season to maximise the beneficial properties of the herbs, and managed through extensive quality control procedures to eliminate contamination and maintain highest purity and strength of the herbs.

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